SAP – Analytics Cloud

Platform: SAAS Cloud Services
Feature: Suggested Story
Role: UX/UI

Case Study Overview

A breakdown of what you will see on this page.

Suggested Story

User testing showed a need for easy workflows. How might we offer the easiest route to visualize data?


Suggested Story auto-populates a dashboard of charts based upon the measures and dimensions the user chooses, and can provide nearly instant data.

Project Duties

Product Strategy, Concept Design, Wireframes, High-resolution Mockups & Prototypes, First-time Experience, Low Touch


Suggested Story is the second part of a three-part project. First, we offer quick-launch tiles to key workflows. Second, we offer Suggested Story for quick analytics building.


Alex works at a medium-sized company and doesn't mind working in the cloud. He's looking for structure to help organize the financial planning of his business. He's new to SAP.

What was the project timeline?

Project Design Stages

Looking at how difficult it was to create a chart through the information architecture, it was much more clear how to move forward. Here, I used sketches, wireframes and high-fidelity specs to convey my design. In the future, it's possible that machine learning could be used to offer dashboard suggestions based upon the user's patterns.

What I Started With
Information Architecture
High Fidelity Specs
Systems Thinking
Iterative Process
Visual Design


Always Consider End-to-end Workflows

It's easy to get bogged down into thinking about one very small aspect of a product. Always take a moment to gain a broader perspective about how the customer might need core workflows.

A Design Is Not Yours

Every design will eventually get improved or redesigned by teammates. This evolution is good for me as a designer and also the product.

Faster Isn't Always Better, But Sometimes It Is

As a SAAS cloud product, it's important that new users can use the product easily, and quickly get results.

First-time Experience

I enjoy thinking about first-time experience from a wholistic approach. This will continue to be a topic of growth for me.

Bob Werner

My work style is a combination of interrogation and empathy.

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