SAP Analytics Cloud

Platform: iOS iPad & iPhone
Feature: In-app Collaboration & Messaging
Role: UX/UI

Design Definition


Users lack the flexibility of using their mobile devices to collaborate and view content in Analytics Cloud.


1. Migrate existing functionality from a beta iOS application.
2. Incorporate all missing collaboration features currently available on the cloud.

Details & Context

The first version of the app will have an emphasis on content consumption instead of content creation.

Behavioural Assumptions

In-app collaboration saves the user time and minimizes the need for e-mail when communicating and sharing content.


Communicate on-the-go through an iOS mobile device.

Group Messaging

Keep in touch with individual team members, or chat with an entire team.


Share relevant media without the need for e-mail.

Share Analytics Cloud Content

Easily explain your point of view by sharing one or more analytic dashboards

Critical States

Uses best practices providing blank states, creation, deletion, archive as well as the ability to add and remove collaborators.

Wireframes helped shape the project during the early phases.

A task analysis helped break down the existing collaboration feature for iOS and cloud.


Increased Understanding of iOS

This project offered me a better understanding of iOS best practices. Designing for both the iPad and the iPhone offered an interesting and diverse challenge.

Team Support

I was asked to join this project by a teammate who had a lot on their plate. It was a really great experience getting to work with them, and also help carry some of the burden required.

Peaked Interest in Mobile Design

Working on this project was a great experience. I would like to work more with mobile design, including Android.

Bob Werner

As a systems thinker, I love breaking down complex problems into elegant design solutions

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